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We Launched our Membership Profiles, Making it Easy to Sign Up and Become Part Of Our Community!

Exciting News from The Freelance Network at Northwall Consulting:

We're excited to share this fantastic news! We are now taking a leap forward with the launch of membership profiles on, designed to bridge the gap between talented freelancers and consultants and the opportunities that await them.

Become Part Of Our Network

What's New for You?

  • Personal Account Creation: Your profile, your information, your decision. You can add, update, and remove information whenever you like.

  • Customizable Profiles: Highlight your unique skills and experience to attract potential clients.

  • Data Transparency: You can see and admistrate your data in your profile.

This isn't just another update. Enhancing our network's capabilities is an important part of our mission to make it easier and more effective for you to connect with opportunities that can truly make a difference in your career.

All experts are welcome, but we start locally

While Northwall Consulting is on a mission to build a vast network of skilled professionals, we're currently focusing on the American market, with a special spotlight on Dallas, Texas—our proud home base. 

Whether you're around the corner or across the globe, we're inviting you to become part of our community that's set to help the consulting and freelancing landscape make finding work easier.

Joining Northwall Consulting is free!

Join Us—It's Free!

Signing up is just the beginning. Once you're part of our network, we work to match you with projects that resonate with your personal expertise and professional goals. And don't worry about the cost; joining our network is free. We make money when we get you into work!

Finding Opportunities Tailored for You

Our commitment goes beyond connecting you with just any project. We're all about finding the right fit—opportunities that align with your skills, ambitions, and career aspirations. It's about making sure each project is not just a job, but a step forward in your journey.

Negotiating for Everyone's Best Interest

At Northwall Consulting, every negotiation is done with a triple win in mind: for you, the client, and our network. We aim to ensure that every project outcome is beneficial for all involved, paving the way for a future filled with more opportunities and success.

Be Part of Our Journey

This is your call to join a community that values talent and ambition, no matter where in the world you are. While we're focused on the American market and our home in Dallas, Texas, our arms are wide open to welcome professionals from all corners of the globe. To be ready if the opportunity presents itself. 

Let's create a future where every consultant and freelancer finds their place to shine. Sign up, build your profile, and let us take care of the rest. 

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