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Check out some of the amazing reports, designs, and content we have created so far!

We Create


Building Custom Reports in Microsoft Power BI 

In a recent project, we helped a global company within the mining industry equipment gain insight into their webshop with the help of Data Factory, Azure SQL DB, and Power BI.


For you to get an idea of how we work with Power BI, we included some examples of reports.
Read about our service here!


Web Design

We assisted clients in completely redesigning their website and redo their SEO optimization. After the changes, they commonly saw a clear upward trend, both when looking at the number of visitors and times their company is visible in Google searches.

To set up our clients for future success and continued growth, we helped them set up a custom-designed Looker Studio Dashboard where they keep track of all web metrics relevant to their business.  Read about our service!

Social Media Content Creation

Rather spend your time to doing something else than thinking about what to post on Social Media?  
Our client would, so they hired us to do it for them. 

We offer the service where we help create content for your social media channels and help engage your audience. See some of our work here. Read about our service!

Sales Service and Marketing Material

Cold calling, email campaigns, create sales sheets, custom product catalogs, or set up your site to collect sales leads. We can do all of that. Contact us to learn more.

We can help you set up for sales success. 

Here you see an example of marketing material we created:

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