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About Northwall Consulting

In 2023, Swedish-born entrepreneur Alexander Nordvall established Dallas-based Northwall Consulting LLC with a clear mission: to help businesses succeed and inspire the professional growth of consultants. We prioritize building meaningful connections between small and medium-sized businesses and qualified consultants.

Supporting America's Business Backbone

Recognizing the essential role of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. economy, we are dedicated to being a reliable partner, offering the expertise they need in today’s complex business environment.

Inspiring Consultant Growth and Development

Our approach goes beyond mere matchmaking. We focus on building a collaborative community where consultants can grow professionally, finding opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.

Vision for Growth

Beginning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our vision is to expand our reach across Texas and beyond, extending our network and influence to help more businesses succeed and consultants flourish.

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Work Landscape

As project-based roles gain traction, Northwall Consulting emerges as a central resource for businesses seeking specialized talent and for consultants aiming to contribute meaningfully in various Texas industries.

Be Part of Our Dynamic Consultant Network

We welcome consultants from diverse sectors to join our vibrant professional community. Keen to be part of our journey? Register

Our Name, Our Legacy

'Northwall' reflects the translation of 'Nordvall' from Swedish to English, a tribute to Nordvall’s Swedish heritage.

Together We Create Value!

Get to Know Northwall Consulting

Founder Of Northwall Consulting - Alexander Nordvall
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Alexander Nordvall

Founder, CEO, and Consultant

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Alexander is a skilled professional in data analytics, business development, and sales and holds certifications from both Microsoft and Google, he is the founder of Northwall Consulting LLC.
As the founder, he deeply understands the challenges and opportunities that come with building and growing a business.
Alexander is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their goals!

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