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Are you a Consultant or Freelancer looking for Work?

We are building a network of skilled Freelancers and Consultants ready to help businesses succeed.

We know that finding new opportunities can be time-consuming and stressful; that is why we created our Network.

No matter what industry you are in, you are welcome to become part of our group! 

Northwall Consulting - Become Part Of Our Network

Register your profile – It’s Free!

Sign up and create your profile to become part of our network of experts. It’s quick, easy, and FREE.

We find you opportunities

We use your profile to match you with assignments that align with your unique skills and ambitions.

We Negotiation for Win-Win-Win Outcomes

We negotiate terms that satisfy all parties—
For You, the Client, and Us.

  • What is Northwall Consulting?
    Northwall Consulting is a platform that connects consultants and freelancers with opportunities to apply their skills, foster business growth, and develop professionally. We serve as a bridge between skilled individuals and businesses in need of their expertise.
  • Who can join the Northwall Consulting network?
    Any consultants and freelancers looking for work and eager to help businesses thrive are welcome to join our network. We seek individuals who are keen on applying their skills in various business environments and loves challenges.
  • How do I sign up to be a part of Northwall Consulting's network?
    Signing up is simple: Complete the registration form on this page, showcasing your skills and experience. If you have a resume, you can upload it. This process is quick, easy, and free.
  • Is there any cost involved in registering with Northwall Consulting?
    No, registering with Northwall Consulting is absolutely free. There are no hidden charges for signing up and becoming part of our exclusive network of experts. We make money by the referral fee that applies when we get you into an assignment. This means that you can be part of our network at no cost.
  • What kind of opportunities does Northwall Consulting offer?
    We offer a variety of assignments that align with the unique capabilities and ambitions of our consultants and freelancers. We are accepting assignment and opportunities from all industries and hope to build a network that can support our vision. Our primary focus is to help small to medium-sized business to solve problems and find success.
  • How does Northwall Consulting match me with opportunities?
    We use the detailed profile you provide during registration to match you with assignments. This process ensures that you are paired with opportunities that align with your specific capabilities and professional ambitions.
  • What is the role of Northwall Consulting in the negotiation process?
    Our role is to identify the perfect opportunity for you and negotiate terms that satisfy all parties involved—you, the client, and us. We aim for Win-Win-Win outcomes in all our negotiations.
  • Can I join Northwall Consulting if I am already working as a consultant or freelancer elsewhere?
    Yes, anyone can join Northwall Consulting, even if you're currently engaged with other projects. However, if you have an exclusive contract with another organization, please review its terms to ensure there's no conflict in joining our network. We encourage balancing new opportunities with existing commitments responsibly.
  • What kind of skills and experience should I highlight in my profile?
    Highlight skills and experiences that demonstrate your ability to contribute to solving problems. Tailor your profile to showcase expertise that aligns with the types of assignments you like to do.
  • How often can I expect to be matched with new opportunities?
    The frequency of being matched with new opportunities will depend on the market demand and how well your skills and experience align with the needs of our clients. Our goal is to grow the network and hope that with successful completion of assignments will leverage our position on the job market and give you more opportunities.
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