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Get to know Northwall Consulting!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Alexander, CEO Northwall Consulting

Meet Alexander Nordvall, the founder of Northwall Consulting LLC , a company aimed at easing the stress of finding the next assignment for highly skilled consultants and helping companies find the right consultant for their project needs. Alexander is a Business Intelligence consultant with experience in sales, customer support, and database administration.

Alexander knows firsthand how stressful and costly it can be for a consultant to search for their next assignment. He also recognizes that online platforms need more personal touch and support consultants during this process. This realization inspired Alexander to create a personalized service for consultants that would provide them with quick and efficient support throughout their search.

To achieve this goal, Northwall Consulting offers a free platform for companies from any industry to submit their project requirements. Northwall Consulting then uses its network of highly skilled consultants to match the client's project needs with the right consultant.

With Northwall Consulting, Alexander aims to make finding the right consultant more accessible and less stressful for both consultants and companies. By providing more personalized service, Alexander hopes to remove the stress of finding the next assignment and allow consultants to focus on delivering high-quality work to their clients.

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