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Data Analytics Ride-Share by Northwall Consulting: Making Quality Data Analytics Accessible to All

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Power BI Report | Northwall Consulting

Frisco, 10/20/2023 – Northwall Consulting is thrilled to launch its creative Data Ride-Share Business Intelligence service, specifically designed to make quality Power BI solutions accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. With a unique pricing structure and service model, companies can now streamline their analytics without the hassle or expense of a full-time hire.

Understanding data is pivotal in today's fast-paced business world. However, many companies may face challenges in either affording to hire full-time analytics personnel, or they are spending a lot of time searching for consultants/freelancers every time they need to change their existing solution.

Northwall Consulting's Data Ride-Share is built around efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

  1. Development Phase: Initially, businesses engage with Northwall Consulting experts at an hourly fixed rate, shaping their BI solution. Every company gets a tailored solution to ensure we help them get the data insight they need to track their goals, follow trends, and simplify their reporting solution.

  2. Maintenance Mode: Once satisfied, businesses transition to the maintenance phase. Instead of unpredictable costs, they pay a low, fixed monthly fee. This includes regular upkeep hours ensuring the reporting solution stays relevant and updated.

  3. Flexible Development: Businesses evolve, and so do their data needs. If objectives change, Northwall is on standby to further develop the solution at an hourly fixed rate. No more hunting for new consultants/freelancers; continuity and understanding of our client’s journey is vital.

"It's about saving businesses both time and money, making data analytics straightforward and affordable. We want every company, regardless of size, to benefit from data-driven decision-making." Alexander Nordvall, CEO at Northwall Consulting.

By choosing Data Ride-Share, businesses can look forward to:

  • Cost Savings: Significantly reduce expenses compared to a full-time analytics hire.

  • Time Efficiency: Eliminate the time-consuming process of seeking new consultants for each development phase.

  • Ease and Accessibility: Make data analytics an integral yet hassle-free part of business operations.

For more information on Data Ride-Share service or to discuss potential partnerships, don't hesitate to get in touch with

About Northwall Consulting:

Northwall Consulting is a consulting company based in Frisco, Texas, USA. Our goal is to help all businesses find the expertise and knowledge they need to expand operations, finish projects, solve daunting tasks, and ensure they are ready for future success. We are building a network of skilled experts from all industries to help businesses from all industries.

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